Thank you so much for helping us find the money we needed to adopt! We always thought we couldn't afford private adoption. -- Gina & Ted S.

Thank you so much for helping us find the money we needed to adopt! We always thought we couldn’t afford private adoption. — Gina & Ted S.


Are you trying to bring a child into your family, but have found that you simply cannot afford the high cost of adoption? We can help you!

Many families in the same situation have been able to adopt with the valuable information we have provided. They have found the money they needed without selling their future to get there.

We have lots of info about adoption loans, adoption grants, and other ways to earn money or finance your adoption.

Please take some time to browse our site and learn how you can find the child you’ve been waiting for!

And if you have ideas to share with us, we’d love to hear about them! We enjoy helping families like you find the money they need to help bring their children home.


New parents, relishing in the joy of adoption!


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We believe that all loving families should be able to open their arms to a child, and we are happy to provide information on leaping the financial hurdles that may stand in your way of adopting. We hope that within our resources, you find the help and information you need to make your adoption dream a reality. If you know of resources not found here, please let us know so that we can add them.




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Called to Adoption Download

called to adoption download
When you're thinking of adopting a child, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This book is full of great stories, examples from adoptive parents, helpful resources, tips for any adoptive parent, and encouragement to carry you along your journey to adoption.