3 Things Never to Use for Funding Your Adoption

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You know that you want a child. This is probably something that you have pondered for years, if not all of your life. But there is something that could stop you, or at the very least slow you down a bit, in your quest… finding out that you need more money than you have to go through the process.
If you have found that you and your partner are unable to conceive on your own, you may want to adopt, and adoption costs money…potentially, lots of it. Money could, literally, be the main hindrance for you and your partner to realizing your dream. However, with that said, there are some financial tools that you should steer clear of or else the end result could be detrimental to your long term financial profile, and your family.
The following 3 financial instruments are possibly the worst ways to fund your family’s adoption. Read further to find out why:

  • Payday Loan
    These “loans” can net you a full paycheck in advance of your actual pay date. If you have some time constraints around your adoption, this may sound like a great financial tool. However, the problem lies in the fact that you already are low on funds and chances are, if you are even considering this, you have little or no reserves. Once you start with this type of loan, you are likely to fall deep into debt because of the exceptionally high interest rates and the fact that you can almost never “catch up”. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is definitely not an optimal start for your new family.

  • Title Loanadoption mistake title loan
    Giving your car title is one of the most financially dangerous strategies to pursue. You need your vehicle to get around. Without it, it may be virtually impossible for you to get to work depending on where you live. One missed payment, and you could end up losing your vehicle. It’s just not worth it and it can put a needless strain on you emotionally, knowing that your car is not really “yours”. Your adoptive child shouldn’t be in a situation where his or her new parents are so financially and emotionally burdened. The stress of it all will transfer to other areas of your life and potentially to your child.

  • Mortgage or Rent Payment
    Using your rent or mortgage payment to fund an adoption could cause a major financial blow. If you are planning to adopt, you need a place to live. You want to create a home and environment that is secure and stable. When you start using the money that you have to live, then you could end up losing a whole lot more than you ever imagined.

You have a responsibility to give your adopted child the best possible start with your family. Even though you may seriously long for having a child, you don’t want to bring one into your life at a time of financial distress. Once you have an idea as to how much money you will ultimately need to fund the adoption, try more positive ways to raise the money. Starting with one foot in a hole is never a good way to begin a new life or family.

Mardie Caldwell COAP is nationally recognized as authority on adoption and adopting safely on the Internet. She is the founder of Lifetime Adoption, and has been working in adoption since 1986. She is a speaker and award winning writer, currently working on additional adoption titles soon to be released. Learn more about Mardie at Lifetime Adoption: Funding Your Adoption.  You can learn more about her books by visiting www.AdoptionStepByStep.com.

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