Adoption Tax Credit


Federal Adoption Credit Permanent:


Help make the tax credit for adoption permanent by writing to your legislators

Adoption tax creditThe federal tax credit has been a blessing for so many children! It has helped so many little ones find the safety and stability of a forever family by assisting in the costs of adoption. Without it, more children will end up in the system as there will be few families able to financially afford to adopt.
Adoption can be expensive — basic costs range from a few thousand to over $50,000. The federal government has provided a tax credit that has allowed families to offset their costs up to $13,460 with a credit to their taxes. Sadly, it is set to expire.
Currently there are bills in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to help save this valuable tax credit. Supporting these bills will not only help continue the blessing of adoption, but it will save children from ending up in an overburdened foster system that is simply not the best option.
If you care about children, please contact your representative and your senators and ask them to support and vote in favor of bill H.R. 213 in the House and bill S.2816 in the Senate. Here are the steps:

  • Find your representatives. Contacting the Congress has both phone numbers and the means by which to send e-mails:
  • Call your legislator’s office. Simply dial the number and let them know that you hope they support the extension of the adoption tax credit.
  • E-mail your legislator as well, encouraging them to support the bill.
  • If you are inspired, feel free to contact others, including senate leadership, the president, and media outlets to bring attention to this need.

Thank you for your help in ensuring this continues to help all the children who need to find their forever families!