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Open Adoption Video

Learn more about open adoption in this short video featuring birth mothers and adoptive parents.

Free Adoption Webinars

Get free, on-demand access to hundreds of webinars about all aspects of adoption, including some with birth parents.

Affording Adoption

We’ve gathered some top tips and resources to help families with the costs of adoption. You can also learn about adoption benefits and tax credits.

Called to Adoption

Mardie Caldwell, Lifetime Adoption’s Founder wrote a book specifically to help people who feel called to adopt.

Free Application to Adopt

Lifetime Adoption’s application is completely free. Take a few moments and share your adoption goals with us!

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“Wow! We cannot believe that Maddox will be three weeks old on Wednesday. Time is flying by!” – Kevin and Tequila
“Open adoption has worked out great for all of us. Keenan knows both birth parents and feels those beams of love from them at all times.” – Mary
“Thanks so much again to you and Lifetime for all that you have done! We had a wonderful experience with our adoption.” – Andrea and Adolphus